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The Lost Galumpus
The Lost Galumpus

A woolly mammoth time travels to a city park.

Horns & Wrinkles by Joseph Helgerson
Horns & Wrinkles

A bully sprouts a rhinoceros horn.

Crows & Cards by Joseph Helgerson
Crows & Cards

A boy aspires to be a riverboat gambler.

galumpus stampede
What’s the hurry?
Muskrat House 500sq
Deluxe river lodging
Winona houseboat
The river's our lawn. The catfish our neighbors.
Chilly And Zeb 500sq
Advice from a cardsharp
Missipp2 500sq
1,317 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.
winona valley
The kind of place that shines up good in the moonlight.
Three Creatures 500sq
Jim Dandy, Biz, and Stump
Joseph Helgerson with Wooly Mammoth
Joseph Helgerson

Picked up a pen at the age of three. That’s when the trouble started.

Illustration by Peter Desėve Illustration by Udayana Lugo Illustration by Lauren Mortimer Illustration by Nicoletta Ceccoli Photos by Eric Altenberg

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