• May the west wind

    be your pillow.

  • Mud pies! For me?

  • We're counting the

    stars one at a time.

  • The river's our lawn.

    The catfish our neighbors. 


  • Lilies and perch!

    Lilies and perch!

  • 1,317 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

  • penguins

    How far?

  •  How deep?

  • Clam fuzz!

  • Jim Dandy, Biz, and


  • I didn't sit on

    your cell phone.

  • Duck potato, duck potato,

    duck potato pie.

  • We stop for our friends.

  • The kind of place that shines up good in the moonlight.


Illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli
Photos by Eric Altenberg
Photos by W.B. Helgerson
  • Horns & Wrinkles by Joseph Helgerson

    More leeches, please.