American River, California, U.S.

Sam from California writes:

I haven’t had the fortune to go to any rivers except the American Confluence River. It features a long (but not Mississippi long) stride of beautiful, clear water that goes quite fast, and along the gravely beaches there are a few shrubs of some kind. Whenever I go I always see another family or two playing in the water. My sister is afraid of heights, and whenever we go on the humongous bridge that goes over a ravine, she always grips her seat and holds her breath. It is always a blast to take a trip down there, and it’s only about an hour to an hour and half getting there.

American River
  • 119 Miles Long (192 km)
  • Starts in Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Lake Tahoe
  • Empties into the Sacramento River, which empties into San Francisco Bay
  • Famous as the site of Sutter’s Mill, where the California gold rush started
  • Today a popular white water river