First of all, I blame my family for my becoming a writer. Scratch one of my relatives and often as not you'll get a story, usually of the tall-tale variety. Though I've lived out West, I've spent most of my life in Minnesota, along the Mississippi River where such tales are a tradition.

As you can see, I'm a redhead, freckled, fry easily. Stories could be told. Stories have been told. I'm married with a son and daughter. Over the years we've shared our home with creatures who purr, chirp, bark, scuttle, and molt. It's generally a happy house, though not always quiet.

I grew up playing sports like a fiend and during college bicycled from Minnesota to Arizona for the adventure. During that trip I kept a journal, which marks the official start of my writing career. My advice to would-be writers? Never turn down a chance to take a bike ride.

Joseph Helgerson