Some of the people viewing this site have shared tales about the rivers they live along or enjoy visiting. I love hearing this kind of news and have included their stories below. To add your favorite river, creek, or mud puddle to this page, email me at joe@josephhelgerson.com with a paragraph or two of praise.

Big Thompson River, Colorado, U.S.

ig Thompson River
Carlee from Colorado writes: I would like to tell you about a river I'm rather fond of… the Big Thompson River in Colorado.
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American River, California, U.S.

American River
Sam from California writes: I haven't had the fortune to go to any rivers except the American Confluence River. It features a long (but not Mississippi long) stride of beautiful, clear water that goes quite fast . . .
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Nile River, Africa

Eszter writes from Hungary: My favorite river is the Nile. There is a beautiful landscape all around it, which is one top reason why I like the Nile. You can always hear the water moving smoothly next to you . . .
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Elbe River, Europe

From Sharon Larner; Dresden International School; Dresden, Germany: Dresden's Elbe River has some weird links with the Mississippi riverboat culture. Did you know that Dresden has a fleet of the oldest paddle wheel river boats running in the world?
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Tana River, Africa

From an anonymous river lover who grew up on the Tana River: When I was growing up on the Tana River in Kenya, the days were hot and the river was the best way to cool off. The faster you ran into the river, the faster you cooled off. But one day when I dashed into the water . . .
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